The Ministry Team

The Ministry Team is made up of a mixture of people who have done different training courses to equip them to help lead a church. In this context, ministry means serving the church, which might sound a bit contradictory as they also lead. But church leadership is not ruling over people or issuing orders but leading by example in their lifestyles and being able to explain the Bible to people, teach people how to pray, i.e. listen to and talk with God and also how we can support one another. Supporting one another means everyone, whether they come to church or not.

A priest is a minister who has done a lot of training and served a type of apprenticeship in leading a church, before being given responsibility for a parish or a group of parishes such as we have in Scremerston, Spittal and Tweedmouth. The formal term for becoming a priest is ordination and you can recognise them because they wear a ‘dog collar’. Sometimes they also wear robes, but many of our services are quite informal so often the only difference in the way they dress from the rest of us is the white collar. Priests can also put Rev or the Rev’d (short for reverend in front of they name as a title. Ministers who are not ordained are called lay ministers.  The majority of people in these roles are volunteers.

Rev Rachel Hudson

Vicar Ordained Minister

01289 309567 | 07974 410409
Day off: usually Friday

Rev Linda Chapman

Retired Ordained Minister

01289 307466
Day off: usually Tuesday

Rev Michael Johnson

Retired Ordained Minister

07928  490327

Day off: usually Saturday

Mic (pronounced Mike) has limited sight so if you meet him out and about, please introduce yourself by speaking to him.


Lay Ministers

Gordon Chapman

Chris Hudson

Phil Rowett

Jennie Ritchie

Barbara Donaldson

Barbara is also
SAFEGUARDING OFFICER for all 3 parishes
Phone: 01289 306083