Church Wardens

Church Wardens are elected annually and have a variety of duties. They support the Vicar in the running of the church, sharing some of the administration that is an inevitable part of any organisation, as well as supporting the vicar in the spiritual care of the church. They should also be a personal support to the vicar in their role. They have responsibilities for our buildings and their contents. In special services they have rods of office that you will see at the back of the churches topped by a crown or a mitre. In past centuries, if they noticed someone falling asleep, they would poke them awake – they are much kinder these days!

Gordon Chapman

Church Warden at Scremerston

Audrey MacLaren

Church Warden at Spittal

There are 2 Church Wardens at Tweedmouth

Alastair MacPherson

Karen Strachan